12th International Chess Tournament "Goražde 2019" - Completed
12th International Chess Tournament "Goražde 2019" - Completed

The 12th international chess tournament "Gorazde 2019" was organized by GK "Goražde" Goražde, and it was held between 19 and 22 September 2019. It was played by a swiss system of 7 rounds. Time control was set on 90 minutes + 30 seconds per move. Tournament was submitted to FIDE and ratings will be calculated for the standard rating list.

45 players from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, and Turkey participated in the tournament. Among the 45 players, there were 1 IM, 2 FM, and 1 CM player.

Muris Konjičanin won 1st place, with 5.5 points from 7 games, 2nd place went to Sakarya Muammer Boran with same number of points and the 3rd place went to Obuća Bajro also with same number of points but with a slightly weaker additional criterion.

The fourth place was taken by FM from Montenegro Armin Mušović with 5 points.

Other rewarded players were:

  1. Aleksić Neven
  2. Jelčić Marko
  3. Marković Dino
  4. Sesar Ivan
  5. Kuzmanović Slobodan
  6. FM Miljković Milan

Special prizes:

The best players from ŠK "Goražde"

  1. Sadiković Jasmin
  2. Peštek Elvis
  3. Hajvaz Džemal

The best players under 2000 rating:

  1. Manić Mujo
  2. Hasović Rasim
  3. Čamdžija Samir

Players born in 1999. and younger:

  1. Sahin Hayrun Nisa
  2. Savanović Maksim
  3. Mrković Nikola

Director of the tournament was mr. Obuća Bajro

Referees were: Pleh Semir i Stavnjak Lazar.