Do you have a chess website? Looking for content to make it richer? We offer you some useful widgets:

Puzzle widget

This widget will show you one chess puzzle every time someone opens your website.

To get this widget, click the following link: link

puzzle widget

Rating widget

rating widget
This plugin offers a list of ratings that you can filter as desired. So you can get, for example: 10 best players in the world, 20 best players in your country, 10 best juniors, 10 best female players, etc. To get this widget, click the following link: link

You can also get a widget with a rating list of players from YOUR CLUB, but to get it you must first create a club and add players to it. After creating the club and adding players to it, find the "embed code" link where you will get instructions for implementing the widget. Link to create a club: link

Chess viewer

You can use this widget to display chess games on your page

To use this widget click: here

šahovski preglednik

If you have additional questions or suggestions feel free to leave a comment. Also if you have successfully implemented the widget it would be nice if you would leave us the address of your site in the comment.


  • mjelcic
    02.09.2020 11:21:50

    Here is one example of rating list widget implementation: http://www.sshb.ba/new/