A Memorial Tournament in memory of IM Osman Paloš was held at Lichess

A Memorial Tournament in memory of IM Osman Paloš was held at Lichess

On September 9, 2020, on the online platform - Lichess, a Memorial Tournament was held in memory of IM Osman Paloš. Tournament link: https://lichess.org/swiss/yKbW36R2

The organizer of the tournament was FM Andrija Obad.

Link Lichessa: https://lichess.org/

The tempo of the game was 3 + 2. The Swiss 11-round system was played.

The tournament was attended by 67 players from 20 different countries: Algeria, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chile, Croatia, India, Italy, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, Canada, Cuba, Morocco, Mexico, Germany, Poland, Romania , Russia, Serbia, Sweden, Venezuela and Zimbabwe.

The first place was won by Faris Čunjalo with 9 points. Second place was won by Mrnđić Muamer with 8 points. Andrija Obad, the third-placed FM, had the same number, but with a slightly worse additional criterion.

This way, the tradition of organizing tournaments on Wednesdays has continued. If you are interested in joining tournaments like this, join the "FM Andro Team". The team is as stated in the description: A friendly team with an atmosphere of peace and love. A team in which the most important thing is the love for chess and LOVE IN GENERAL!

Also Andrija Obad and streams via Twitch, so if you are interested in watching some of the pre-tournaments that he has been streaming or that will stream in the future, follow him on his Twitch channel. Twitch channel link: https://www.twitch.tv/andro2204